I do not recommend running the upgraded turbo unless you are also installing my custom performance software designed specifically for the larger turbo. I have no control over other companies generic off the shelf tunes and many simply remove the limiters that are designed to protect the engine from damage. My upgraded turbo is capable of generating much higher boost and power levels and could easily damage the engine if not tuned properly and with appropriate supporting mods and safety limiters for knock and thermal protection. I typically only recommend installing this upgraded turbo on a stock engine unless you are planning to run either methanol/water injection or E85 fuel (or both!). These options both provide increased knock protections and lower exhaust gas temperatures to allow you to safely make much higher power under increased boost levels (over 21 psi). I typically run colder plugs with the upgraded turbo, either the Denso ITV22 (colder heat range) or ITV24 (even colder), depending on the power targets and application.