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      This is a handy thing to know, particularly for those in North America with the 2006 Aero that is limited to 130 mph (210 km/hr). Simply follow the attached instructions to change the limiter to whatever you desire using an ELM327 compatible scan tool (example was done with an OBDLinkSX).


      We are planning to add a function to our hand held tuning system to make this user adjustable in the near future, but this will provide an option for those who simply can not wait.


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        Using USBwiz I lose connection when I enter ATCAF0. Also tried using STNterm.exe with no luck. But I got it to work by saving the code as a .txt file notepad and using the USBwiz “play file”.


          The highest speed that my car accepts is 300KPH or 186MPH. My goal is to reach 200MPH at Bonnevile Salt Flats. Any other ideas to increase speed limiter? Does anyone know the code to change tire size?


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