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      Warranty / Tune Detection

      Tuning your car with a non-OEM approved powertrain calibration can be cause for the manufacturer to void parts of your powertrain warranty, if a part was damaged and it was concluded that it was reasonably caused by the modification. Vehicle modifications and warranties were addressed under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975

      That said, it is our “official” position that you should discuss any modifications with your dealership while under warranty so you fully understand their position. Some dealerships are more willing to “turn a blind eye” than others and will just ask that you remove any modifications before bringing the car in for warranty work.

      We provide you with a copy of your original stock calibration so you can restore your car back to the factory calibration at any time. Some engine control modules have a registry of the last ~ten calibrations stored in memory – this can be used to check if a non-OEM calibration was previously flashed to the vehicle.

      While we could adjust this information in your vehicles history, it can be considered an illegal practice (similar to removing your emissions equipment and operating the vehicle on public roads) and potentially subject you and our company to possible fines from the EPA for changing this information (up to $10K for you the consumer and $250K for my business per instance).

      The EPA uses these calibration verification numbers for emissions compliance purposes. It is not illegal to install a non-OEM calibration for off-road use (such as at a dragstip), so installing a non-OEM calibration is simply a warranty concern.

      Please contact me if you have additional questions in regard to this matter.

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