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do88 performance intercooler designed for an easy fitment in your SAAB NG 9-5 10-11.

Significant advantages with do88 performance intercooler (OE intercooler):
– Greater core volume: 14.048cm3 (7.735cm3), 81% larger!
– Larger frontal cooling area , 2.810cm2 (2.417cm2), 16% larger!
– Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 410 CFM (339 CFM), 21 % higher!

In 2022, do88 is happy to launch a number of products for the NG 9-5 and its enthusiasts around the world! Anticipation was high as Saab revealed their long awaited 9-5 on IAA of Frankfurt in 2009. Little did we know back then that this was their final encore. A car with expectations and promise to carry this little car brand into the future. 10 years later we know the answer, they never made it. Only two official model years were produced and the Sportcombi barely got to see daylight before all went south. Nevertheless, the NG 9-5 is still very much a living car today and its presence stands out in the traffic even with today´s design standards. Our Swedish car manufacturers are close to our hearts here with do88 AB, and this is our contribution so that these rare gems can live on! Original is original, but improved cooling contributes to better reliability and – of course – even better performance. Saab Automobile may be extinct, but their cars live on!

We started the development by 3D-scanning the entire designated area on the car. This allowed us to work in a sensible manner, with the products in our CAD-environment using SolidWorks. The entire system is optimized for airflow and radiuses and angles are reworked many times to achieve the best result! The finished product is verified with both Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) as well as with our Superflow SF1020 flowbench. All these efforts are made to offer real and trustworthy data for you as our customer. This intercooler comes with CNC-machined connections as per the OE layout, thus utilizing the original hoses as these are of decent size already. Alongside this intercooler you can also choose the intercooler pipework and for that purpose we include an adapter that suits the OE-style connections, providing a hose connection for our piping.

This intercooler is constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency during tough conditions. Exclusively manufactured in aluminum with continuous welds, it guarantees reliability and endurance when you really need it. The increased core volume improves cooling efficiency and lower the intake air temperature. Naturally, this being a do88 performance product, we have executed thorough tests under the development of this product to ensure best performance. The end tanks are cast for optimum airflow and come with machined fastening points for both the AC condenser and radiator. This intercooler is immensely optimized to the given space for an easy drop-in-fitment.

The 81% increased core volume is an achievement we are proud of. It´s a remarkable difference. The engine pulls better all over the power band and withstands repeated full throttle runs without building heat. The perception of an intercooler being something to upgrade only after a major engine tune is false, yet widely spread among customers and car people. During hot Swedish summer days, at repeated pulls, inspired driving or even at ordinary driving in a hotter climate area, it doesn´t take much of an effort from the engine to generate dangerously high inlet temperatures – even on a standard, non-tuned car. The cooling capacity with an OE-intercooler is in many cases inferior which will affect the usable power outtake. The heat must be eliminated, or else the promised output won´t be at hand when you demand it. With our intercooler you can rest assured the power is there, always. In addition, the improvement in airflow and reduction of pressure drop will be noticed behind the wheel. More air into the engine gives more output – bingo!

This product comes with everything necessary for an easy installation, without the need for cutting or in any way changing the car´s original shape. Bolts, washers and mounting instructions are of course included.

Take care of your engine. Choose do88.

SAAB 9-5 (YS3G)
Model years: 2010-2011
Model: Turbo4, Turbo4 BioPower, Turbo6, TiD4, TTiD4
Engine: 1.6T / 2.0T / 2.8T / 2.0TiD / 2.0TTiD

13241751, 1302647

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 5 in


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